Glymur is the second highest waterfall of Iceland and it is located deep inside a magnificent canyon. This is a quite adventurous hike passing through a river and climbing a mountain, but it’s definitely worth it. Some people believe Glymur is the most beautiful waterfall of all Iceland, now it’s up to you to give […]


Úlfarsfell is a mountain located in the Great Reykjavik Area. A pretty easy walk for those who are used to hike and a moderate one for those who aren’t, either way the views from up above are completely rewarding. A must-go hike for people who love city and mountain views.

Active Volcano – Litli-Hrútur

Do you want to witness the earth being formed upon your eyes? Located in Reykjanes, Fagradalsfjall erupted in 2021 for near 6 months, Meradalir erupted in 2022 for over 2 weeks and on July 10th 2023 Litli-Hrútur became the location of the third eruption on a series of volcanic activity in the area. We are […]