About us

64N21W is a family owned and operated company of private tours in Iceland. We are a partnership between two individuals who share the love for the outdoors, traveling and adventure.

Carlos had a childhood in Portugal connected with nature and animals. He is used to do long hikes since always and he dives in any conditions or in any depth, being an expert in welding underwater. He is also a highly skilled driver in any weather condition with loads of experience driving heavy vehicles in the Portuguese Army. 


Born in Brazil, Barbara was an Architect and Artist trying to find a good adventure to live out of her busy life in Sao Paulo. After some years living abroad, she found out her love for the outdoors. Then, when she met Carlos in Portugal they decided to start a new chapter of their lives in Iceland.

Now she’s happily hiking and guiding on Glaciers no matter the weather and she doesn’t miss the tropical heat.

What have made this whole Icelandic experience more joyful is our amazing daughter, who travel all around the country with us and was definitely one of the reasons we moved to Reykjavík. We want her to grow up in a place with more gender equality, freedom and natural beauty.

Iceland is unquestionably a memorable place, we have chosen the tour stops carefully both for small and big groups. We can accommodate your needs and you can have the best time possible. We can’t wait to share this fascinating experience with you!